12 Thai Women to Avoid At All Costs ❤️


Very intersting and helpful, 12 Thai Women to Avoid At All Costs ❤️, check it out!

12 Thai Women to Avoid At All Costs Filipina Dating Website: ❤️

Get a Vietnam Visa ❤️ There are definitely some Thai women that you should avoid at all costs.

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In this video, we will take a look at 12 different kinds of Thai women you should have nothing whatsoever to do with.

1. The Thai Woman ATM Seeker.

This lady simply wants a walking ATM and she doesn’t care what she has to do or say to part you from your hard-earned money.

She will constantly be making outrageous demands for money

2. The Angry Thai Woman

This woman has a serious temper and is like an ADD affected 10 year old in a woman’s body. She truly believes that she can bully you into submission. And she will do if you let her!

3. The Emotional Manipulator.

If anger fails, you will get the silent treatment or tears. This Thai lady can cry at the drop of a hat and is an expert in using her emotions to control you.

4. The BLATANT Thai Gold Digger.

It absolutely amazes me how so many Western guys fall for this type of lady.

They make utterly ridiculous demands for money and the guy gives and give and gives until he is TOTALLY broke!

Use your common sense!

5. The INSANELY Jealous Thai Woman.

Some Thai women can be jealous to the point of insanity. If you find yourself in a relationship with a woman like this and you don’t take steps to address the issues – your life will become an absolute misery!

6. The Emotionally Immature Thai Woman

Many Thai women are very emotionally insecure due to the fact that Thai culture does not address issues due to fear of losing face.

This coupled with TV soap operas that show very immature women acting out one drama after another has definitely helped foster this problem.

Guys you MUST address this early on. Failure to do so will again lead to a very miserable life!

7. The REFUSE to Listen to Anything Thai Lady.

Because of the HUGE desire to never lose face, some Thai women will simply NEVER listen to you when you try to address and issue where they might be at fault.

This is where give-and-take MUST come into play or your relationship is likely doomed! If she won’t listen and always, always, always, has to have the last word, you need to find a way to address this.

8. The Farang Friend Collector.

If you are with a Thai lady who thinks nothing of giving her contact details to every farang and his dog or who wants to stay ‘Good friends’ with all her past farang boyfriends, you are asking for trouble.

9. The Alcohol or Drug Addicted Thai Lady.

FACT: A ‘Good Thai Lady’ doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. And I am NOT being judgmental. That is seriously frowned upon by the bulk of Thai society.

SIDEBAR: In the mid-1980’s I established one of the most successful Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Australia.

That experience 100% convinced me that almost all alcoholics have one character train in common: They refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions.

• They lay blame
• They justify
• They NEVER take responsibility

Now, of course, anyone can change.

But my strongest suggestion is to NOT be with a Thai lady with an alcohol or drug problem.

Again the Thai ‘Obsession’ with not losing face under any circumstances – ever, is an almost insurmountable roadblock to recovery.

10. The Violent Thai Woman.

Some Thai women are prone to very violent actions!


– – Kicking
– – Punching
– – Stabbing
– – Even Mutilating etc.

Guys, just DON’T be with a woman like this!

11. The Threat Maker.

Some Thai women seem to want to control their guy by constantly issuing threats. This is no way to spend your life!

SIDEBAR: Can you see what it is a VERY good idea that you seriously take time to meet the right Thai lady and not just jump into a relationship with someone because they have a cute smile?

12. The Ultimatum Giver

This Thai lady seeks to control you by constantly telling you:

“If you do this I will leave you” “If you do that, we can’t be together”

She has never learned how to experience or use dialogue in an relationship and so her only response is to issue one ultimatum after another.

FACT: After a while this will slowly wear down your relationship until one day you will think: “Nope! I have had enough of this!”

beautiful thai woman

beautiful thai woman



  1. These are just traits that most Thai women have to be honest. These are also traits that women have in general. You get degrees with this kind of behavior but nearly all women have the traits you are mentioning in this video. If you don't want someone who is moody, insecure after money and emotionally manipulative then don't get involved with women period.

  2. Mate I like the Chanel , but the truth is the very reason western people come here to find relationships is because of these very same women in our own countries , most blokes have lost everything to their exes in their own country before coming here . It is a circus out there for sure , but in my opinion asians in general have better family values than their western counterparts . And one thing no one addresses in these vlogs is that the constant barrage of men coming to Thailand looking for holiday sex with women out of 15 years age gaps is half the reason they become wary of us , why they play the field and have many boyfriends , they simply see it everyday and don’t believe us either , so we are also responsible for creating this problem , however there are many many decent loving and faithful women in Thailand , crazy women are in every culture along with just as crazy men .
    My advice , Be yourself , don’t pretend your something your not , ie rich

    Be honest with your intentions , wants

    Don’t ever tell anyone how much money you have

    Listen to any women you think might be good relationship material , really listen and learn about her and her family and life to understand how she is going to be moving forward , this can be hard if she doesn’t speak much of your language and you don’t understand hers .

    Don’t promise what you can’t deliver or have no intentions of delivering , for thais losing face with family and friends is shameful ,

    Either stay in Thailand with her or take her to your country , do not try and have a long distance relationship , if she loves you she wants you close all the time if she’s ok with you going away it’s because she has 10 more of you sending money , DO NOT SEND MONEY and think you are taking care of her , someone else is taking care of her while your gone .

    I have a theory that I am pretty much convinced is solid , the ones that don’t drink or take drugs are the quietest and least amount of trouble , and the most serious about long term relationships and happiness in a family environment , many many women come from outlying country areas to the cities because of the lack of work , they often find work in bars or freelancing , the longer they’ve been doing it the more they lose their values and become addicted to the quick money and party lifestyle , which is great if your after some fun for a holiday , but a nightmare for anyone hoping to find a real marriage long term .

  3. Guys. remember if money is involve, b e cautious…. Emotions is being use to open your wallet. The key to your wallet to give your money voluntarility is through emotions of LOVE. When money is business, use in business. Love is use in emotion. So if love is mis use to open your wallet or to give your money its not love at all… its Business deal.

    Business in the inside love on the outside. This will safeguard us from love sellers. Just go along with the script of lovesellers and give cash for their services… thats it. Run

  4. Hello Brother, I am new to your channel. I really like your content. It is very educational. I think a lot of these 12 types of women to avoid not only applies to Thai women, but women across the world. I would add on to this, avoid women with mental health issues (in addition to alcohol and drug addiction) and to avoid women who have got 2 kids or more from more than one Father. Then again, maybe I am best to keep off “the plantation” and live the MGTOW lifestyle 😀

  5. I agree to your comments of Thai women's. It's a culture difficult to understanding but it is all about common sense for every one going overseas. Don't just go with your luggage and passport Remember don't leave your brains in the airport. Thanks for sharing your information.

  6. You just described Western women as well. And no, I am not being funny, sarcastic, ironic, nor satirical. Men need to stop making excuses and letting women play 'victim'. (e.g. it's culture's fault, it's due to what she reads in the media, it's she wants to save face). Hold her accountable for everything SHE says, does, or implies.

  7. Hi Chris, great video. So basically avoid 95% of all thai women? You may be lucky and get a girl in the 5% bracket. You have 12 issues with thai women. How could any guy meet a thai girl that would not have at least one of these problems? I agree with all you said in the video. I had 3 previous thai gfs and i had to end the relationships due to the issues you talked about. I am living in Thailand now for 6 years and i am single 6 years. I have given up on thai girls. In one way its good as there are no relationship problems but then it can be lonely not having someone in my life!!!! Hard to know what to do. I love thai people, thai culture and thai girls but unfortunately with thai women everything is about money and relationships have to be thai orintated, there is no room for any western influence.


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