Copulate under the eye of Hitler


The Love Villa Hotel in the Nonthaburi province, just north of Bangkok, where you can rent rooms per hour for some fun with (usually) a lady, so a short-time hotel.

All rooms in this hotel are decorated according to a theme to make the stay as attractive as possible. There is the Loveboat room with a real boat-style bed in the middle of the room and murals with a harbor quay and bunches. Then there is the Cowboy room, a Country and Western theme. The India rooms are decorated with bright colors and sensual patterns and the Japanese rooms are fairly minimalist with cell-like beams between the bathroom and the bedroom. The Hollywood rooms are funky and glamorous and you can enter alternative worlds in the Matrix and Spider rooms. Finally, there are rooms with a war theme, including the so-called Communist Room.

Communist Room

This room should therefore have a communist touch and although a large hammer-and-sickle image has indeed been painted on a wall, the most attention is drawn by a bizarre Nazi theme. In this room images of the Nazi swastika and two huge murals by Adolf Hitler, overlooking the bed.

The "Communist" room is one of the largest in Villa Love Hotel and is said to be very popular with swingers and horny groups looking for raunchy orgies.

Lack of historical awareness

The fact that the Nazi theme is placed in a Communist Room already shows that the designer and the performer have no historical awareness of communism and Nazism. Not so strange for Thailand blog readers, that topic has been discussed on the blog more often.


The Jewish communities in Thailand have strongly condemned the use of Nazi symbols in a hotel room and have urged the authorities to intervene. Articles in the Jerusalem Post and The Sun in England extensively discuss this abuse, with spokespersons of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. You can read these articles and view photos on these links:

  1. T says out

    Oh yes the Thai have never actually suffered from Nazi Germany, you see Nazi symbols everywhere in Thailand they often do not even know what it means.
    On the other hand we also use their largest religious symbol Buddha as decoration on toilets and you name it.
    And what fascinates the masses in the west the atrocities of the Japanese or the mass murders of pol pot.
    So it is not neat, but let's keep it on a difference of culture and background.
    Just as some Thai and Asians are guaranteed to bother with numerous things in and out of the west.

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  2. Chris says out

    Perhaps an idea not to remove all references to mass murderer dictators but to provide them with the correct historical information. For your learning… ..

    The Jerusalem Post article mentions a "Jewish Institute for Human Rights". It seems to me – given the way the Israeli government deals with the Palestinian issue – that they can put their energy better into domestic problems than a hotel room in Bangkok. Guests don't come there to worship Hitler.

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