Obituary notice Ambassador Karel Hartogh


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok communicates with great sorrow that His Majesty Ambassador to Bangkok, Z.E. Karel Hartogh (60), died on Saturday August 5, 2017 in the Netherlands.

There is an opportunity to sign the condolence book from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 August from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm at the residence (106 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok). No registration is required, please bring proof of identity.

There is also an opportunity to send a condolence message to

Source: The Netherlands Worldwide

  1. Khun Peter says out

    Terrible…. My condolences and condolences to my wife, family, friends and colleagues.

    UN: F (1.9.22_1171)

  2. Bert says out

    A lot of strength for the family.
    Unbelievable, so young and then called by God

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  3. Jan says out

    A ship disappears behind the horizon, it's not gone you just don't see it anymore!


    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  4. Sir Charles says out

    Sorry for your loss.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  5. John says out

    All the best. My condolences go out to family, friends and relatives.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  6. Wendelmoet and Joan Boer says out

    Lovely people,

    This sad news silences. It puts us on the ground with both feet. Hard ground, because a good person, a colleague who sounded like a clock and felt like a fish in the water in Thailand is no longer there and that hurts. We wish his wife and daughter every strength to find a place for this over time. Also for those who worked with him at the embassy and Dutch people in Thailand who got to know him as a passionate ambassador, we think of you.

    Wendelmoet and Joan Boer

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  7. Rob V. says out

    This scares me! Very sad news. 🙁

    Karel Hartogh came across as a very friendly, warm man that we could be proud of.
    My condolences to his wife, family, colleagues, friends and others.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  8. william says out

    Yet so quickly, recently we heard a glimmer of hope, deeply sad.
    Strength for his family, friends, and colleagues.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  9. Nils says out

    The cable is broken. All the strength for the family members.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  10. Luc says out

    My heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and many acquaintances.
    After the reports about the slightly better state of health a few months ago, this news is now extremely hard to come by.
    A lot of strength to everyone who will miss this strong personality.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  11. Jacques says out

    Yes this is a message that you do not want to read. Sad for Mr. Hartogh and his family and friends and all who have a warm heart for him. Such a disease, despite the care of one of the best cancer hospitals in the world, cannot be ignored and it shows again. A person still so full of life and clearly with a charisma that his work was not yet finished. Also a loss for us Dutch in Thailand and surroundings. Great strength for everyone who is after him. Rest well and the memory will continue.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  12. Petervz says out

    My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family. In this way, the ministry has lost 1 of its most enthusiastic ambassadors in an unexpected manner. Also strength to the embassy team.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  13. NicoB says out

    This makes this painful and shocking news sad.
    A drama for his wife, daughter, family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and Thailand-goers.
    With his death a very amiable man goes, Rest In Peace dear Karel.
    Wish all surviving relatives a lot of strength with the processing of this big loss.
    With deep sympathy, my thoughts are drawn to the life of Karel and his loved ones, which is far too early in life.
    Cherish the beautiful memories of this combative and so nice man, may those memories be a consolation for all.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  14. RonnyLatPhrao says out

    My heartfelt condolences to the family.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  15. Maarten Vasbinder says out

    My condolences for the family and employees of "our" ambassador in Thailand, Karel Hartogh.
    For many, Karel was a direct point of contact with a golden heart.
    Karel listened and helped. So simple.
    I wish the family a lot of strength in bearing this loss, but I know that only the thought of Karel will give a feeling of warmth and a smile, no matter how much we miss him. Always.

    Marten Vasbinder

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  16. John says out

    My condolences to the family and employees of the embassy in Bangkok.
    I wish you all a lot of strength.


    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  17. l.measurement says out

    Despite his illness, Ambassador Karel Hartogh was still in Thailand in the week of June 16.
    He still wanted, very dutifully, to arrange a number of things.

    In an interview, ambassador Karel Hartogh indicated that he wanted to go to America for a new one
    treatment method.

    Unfortunately, fate decided otherwise.
    Unexpected and early departure from a warm and driven person.

    My condolences to relatives and embassy staff.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  18. RuudRdm says out

    Ah, so young. My sincere condolences!

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  19. dirk says out

    My condolences and condolences to wife, family, colleagues

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  20. Conimex says out

    My sincere condolences to his family, friends and embassy staff, a lot of strength!

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  21. John says out

    I am very sorry, it was a very nice man so you can see how short life is, and also condolences to family and friends

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  22. Khun John says out

    All the best. My condolences go out to family, friends and relatives

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  23. Jan VC says out

    Our sincere condolences for this death.
    Strength for his family and friends.
    Supana and Jan
    Sawang Daen Din

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  24. jacket de Bruin says out

    my sincere condolences and condolences to the family

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  25. phobian taams says out

    REST in PEACE: A lot of strength for the relatives of an excellent ambassador

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  26. Dennis says out

    My heartfelt condolences to Karel Hartogh's family and colleagues.

    With his death, the Dutch community in Thailand loses a skilled and valued ambassador.

    Truly a big loss.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  27. Jan Lokhoff says out

    Year after year I ran the charity run Midnight Run in the heart of Bangkok with a delegation of friends from the (NL) travel world. We were invariably welcomed at the embassy for a delicious lunch and an in-depth discussion about all the interfaces between Thai (tourist) situations and the more than 200,000 Dutch visitors a year. Karel was the first ambassador to take part in the Run as well. We celebrated our medals well into the night at the bar of Amari Watergate. I am deeply touched and I suspect with me all the travel friends who got to know him as I did in BKK. It was a great diplomat and soon your friend. So sad, so unfair that Karel can no longer complete his fervently desired end of his career at BZ in beautiful Thailand, where his approach led to success from the start.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  28. marcello says out


    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  29. Fred Janssen says out

    My condolences for the family and his colleagues. RIP.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)

  30. maurice says out

    I never saw him or talked to him, but this man made a big impression in the relatively short time that he was an ambassador. He leaves a void… .I condole his family and his many friends in Thailand.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)



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