Reader question: Who knows a Reiki therapist in Pattaya?


Dear readers,

I'm looking for someone who can give Reiki treatment. For at least twice a month and for a longer period. preferably Pattaya area.



  1. Roy says out

    My personal experience is that it is hard to find a really professional massage in Pattaya.
    This is my preference
    I myself have only undergone the relaxing massages and they were blissful.

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  2. Reiki Masters says out

    Dear Fred,

    We see that you do not yet have effective responses to your request for a Reiki therapist around Pattaya.
    Under a nickname, we want to introduce ourselves now, because we may be able to help you by applying Reiki remotely. We are both Reiki Masters and live every year for 6 months in the far north of Thailand and 6 months in the Netherlands. Distance does not have to play any role for Reiki treatment.
    If you like it, we propose the following procedure:
    You do NOT tell us what you need Reiki treatments for, but send us a photo of yourself (which you are completely on) in a sealed envelope within the envelope to be sent.
    If we can then describe what you need the treatment for, we can also start it.
    If that is not possible, we should not start, but that chance is small.

    We do not pursue Reiki practice, but if necessary we will help, therefore only a small cost reimbursement will be requested.
    If you see this as a matter of course, please provide us with your email address via this blog so that we can exchange our full details with each other.

    We hereby authorize the editors to pass on our email address to you.


    Reiki Masters

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  3. Fred says out

    Dear Reiki Masters,
    I know this works, I even have experience with it, but I prefer a personal approach.
    It is a shame that I have had no further reaction. Reiki is unknown and unloved in our western culture.
    I wait patiently. Someone will definitely come on my Reiki path.
    But thanks again for the offer.
    Best regards. Fred R.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)



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