Reader's question: Cancel my dental insurance?


Dear readers,

I want to cancel my supplementary dental insurance. I now pay a premium per year: around 180 Euros. I am reimbursed 75% up to a maximum of 250 euros. I go (in the Netherlands) twice a year to the dental hygienist and the dentist.

There has been nothing special about the last 3 years. No holes or something. Only checking and cleaning. And once photos. Before that, once a bacterial culture (quite pricey) and fill a hole. I have reasonably good teeth.

All in all, the insurance is just a little cheaper for me than paying for everything myself. It doesn't matter much.

But I thought:
I do not expect major repairs. I come to Thailand a few times a year. Perhaps it is much cheaper to have my teeth cleaned there (twice a year) and to have them checked (once a year).

I would like to hear experiences. With prices of course. 😉



  1. Fred says out

    Sorry Rene,

    What kind of insurance is that? You pay 180 and receive a maximum of 250 euros.
    The company runs a maximum of 70 euros risk.
    Now it's your turn once and you get a maximum of 250 euros paid.
    I would never have started this if I were you.

    Best regards.


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  2. henk says out

    I canceled my supplementary insurance for the dentist years ago. I go to the dentist in Thailand twice a year to clean my teeth. Costs Bath 800 each time. My wife's teeth were completely renovated last year. Cleaning, filling teeth and two bridges. Bath costs 12,000.

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  3. Bert says out

    Dear Rene,

    Even with larger benefits, so higher premiums, it is usually a cigar from your own door.
    If you are going to incur higher dental costs, the € 250 maximum benefit at the € 180 premium per year is a crumb and you will have to pay the rest yourself.

    Good luck and regards, Bert

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  4. Jay says out

    Nonsense insurance. Why insure you for a maximum of 70 Euro benefit. Cancel quickly.

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  5. Rienie says out

    Bye bye
    We have not had insurance for years. We sometimes had a crown and go twice a year for cleaning and also for checking whether in Thailand or in South Africa. We have noticed that we are certainly not paying too much compared to being insured. I believe we paid 40 euros for cleaning the last time. This discussion is also ongoing in the Netherlands. Search for information there. If you're out of the Netherlands in a cheaper way, then you're sure in Thailand. Good luck rienie

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  6. Kees 2 says out

    A friend of mine is a dentist and advised me to NEVER take out insurance for that silly reimbursement.

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  7. rene23 says out

    Additional dental insurance policies are generally worthless (consumer association)
    It costs more than it yields and I have terminated the insurance.
    My previous insurer (DSW) reimbursed € 11 twice a year for the mouth hygienist, actual costs € 50- € 70 each time (the boss of DSW is the richest man in Delft)
    This is important preventive oral care, but paying?
    What is reimbursed is anesthesia and pulling, then you no longer have any teeth left and you will soon be having dentures (is usually reimbursed)
    I now have 2 implants installed, costs € 2500, no dental insurance reimburses anything of this.
    Keep better money in the pocket and pay yourself if needed.
    In Thailand, your teeth are cleaned for a good price by excellent dentists!

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  8. Peter says out


    Nothing is wrong with that insurance. Compare it with a fire insurance policy. For example, you are insured for € 300,000. After all, don't you pay € 300,000 in premiums per year? Sometimes it is bad for society and then against it.

    And for René. With healthy teeth, and apparently you have it, you better cancel the dental insurance and have your teeth checked annually in Thailand. For € 180, you can have quite a few tinkering on your teeth here.

    Good luck, Peter.

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