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It is always a hassle for pensionados who live in Thailand, the life certificate or Attestatie de Vita, which must be submitted to the SVB and the pension fund. Perhaps this hassle soon become a lot easier.

The Stichting Grenzeloos under Een Dak (GOED) says that the SVB is working on a project to digitize "The proof of being alive". The SVB project is called WALDO – Worldwide Alternative Life Certificate for a Digital Government and is being implemented by Novum. The possibility to apply WALDO by means of an ID check, face recognition and speech recognition has been tested with customers from 5 different countries Portugal, Canada, Curaçao, Turkey and Thailand.

The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) has customers who no longer live in the Netherlands, but who are entitled to benefits. Because they live in another country, it is not always visible what the living situation of these customers is and whether they are still alive.

Clients abroad therefore receive a form by post every year, which they must use to go to a competent authority. The form is filled in, signed and stamped at this agency. The customer sends the form to the SVB again, after which the payment is continued. If no form can be submitted, the payment will be stopped. This is a very cumbersome process for customers and should be able to do differently with all kinds of new technologies at this time. The results have been shared with the SVB and it has been decided to continue with the development of a digital life certificate.

You can see how this works in a video on the website of the Good Foundation:

Thanks to Hans Bos for the tip to the editors.



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