THAILAND (8/14) A Visit to A Gem's Jewelry Factory in Bangkok


If you are looking for places to visit in thailand with friends, then watch this THAILAND (8/14) A Visit to A Gem's Jewelry Factory in Bangkok. Our comprehensive guide will be very helpful for you.


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(Video Title): Gina’s Curtains Thailand Tour

(Leaving Manila Airport)

(Arrival in Bangkok Hotel + First Meal)

(First Meal + Pratunam Market)

(Street Foods In Bangkok)

(Walking in Platinum Mall Street)

(Buddha Temples in Bangkok)

(Buddha Temples in Bangkok)

(Gems Jewelry Factory)

(River Cruise Dinner in Bangkok)

(River Cruise Dinner in Bangkok)

(River Cruise + Elephants + Crocodile)

(Riding Boat in Floating Market River)

(Speed Boat in Floating Market)

(Speed Boat + Selfie with Elephants)

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FACTS and OBSERVATIONS: Gina’s Curtains decided to visit Thailand with her Friends Joy, Gemma and Jane. They find it exciting to visit the Capital Bangkok because Thailand is with almost the same Cultural climate in Asia. Filipinos and Thais have the same and common races. So, it’s high for them to discover the place. They enjoyed the foods, Cultural differences and the hospitality of Thai people. Visited wonderful places and Budhas. Special thanks ❤️ to Gina’s Curtains in sharing this video to us.

In Finality…. They rated their travel as 5 from 1 to 5 ratings…

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places to visit in thailand with friends

places to visit in thailand with friends



  1. Thank you for visit Thailand i watched every your VID look like you in a tourist trap you not see real bangkok.I'm Thai i don't support any animal show or take photo with baby elephant if you want to see the elephant go to national park or sanctuary.Subscribed.


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