Thailand visa question & answer: Three weeks in Thailand and three weeks in Europe


Dear editors,

I plan to live in Thailand in the future, I would like to work 3 weeks in Europe and then 3 weeks to Thailand and repeat that every time.

But I don't know what kind of visa I need for that or that I can just do it on a tourist stamp, so my question is do I need a special visa or not?



Dear Joey,

You could stay in Thailand on the basis of “Visa Exemption” because you stay less than 30 days each time. Normally this should be possible. Just a warning.

If you repeat this every 6 weeks, it may be that you will get questions about it one day. Possibly immigration says that you will have to get a visa next time. I am not saying that this will certainly happen, but I still want to inform you that this can happen. Depends on who you have before you.

Of course you can also immediately get a Non-Immigrant visa, but then you must be 50 or older. You do not provide that information. A Non-Immigrant "O" Multiple entry has a validity of one year. Within the period of validity you can enter Thailand as often as you want. Price 150 euros.

Of course, tourist visas can also be done with double / triple entries. If you are required to get a visa and you are not 50, this will be your only option. Costs 30 euros per entry.

You can now decide what you are going to do. You can first use the "Visa Exemption" and continue until you make a comment about it. If nothing is said, just continue with "Visa Exemption". Refusing access will not be done quickly. At most people will say that you must get a visa next time. You can then still be behind a visa for the next time. If you prefer to play safe immediately, request the Non-Immigrant "O" Multiple Entry.

More information can be found in the visa file on the blog:



Disclaimer: The advice is based on existing regulations. The editors accept no responsibility if this is deviated from in practice.



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