Chiromyscus chiropus
IUCN status: Not threatened (2008)
Taxonomic classification
Rich: Animalia (Animals)
Tribe: Chordata (Chordadieren)
Class: Mammalia (Mammals)
Order: Rodentia (Rodents)
Family: Muridae (Mouse-like species)
Subfamily: Murinae (Mice and rats of the Old World)
Sex: Chiromyscus
Thomas, 1925
Chiromyscus chiropus
( Thomas , 1891 )
Chiromyscus chiropus on Wikispecies
Category: Biology

Chiromyscus is a genus of rodents from the mice and rats of the Old World that occurs in Northern Myanmar, Northern Thailand, Central Laos and Vietnam. The only species is C. chiropus . That species lives in trees. The genus is probably the closest relative to Niviventer , especially N. langbianis , to which he closely resembles.

This species is very similar to Niviventer species, especially N. langbianis , but has nails instead of claws. It is also larger than Niviventer species. The back is orange-brown; there are large dark brown rings around the eyes. The legs, feet and flanks are yellow-brown-orange. The tail is brown from above and very light brown from below. The ears are short.


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