[4K] TRIPREPORT | DUS-DXB-BKK | Airbus 380-800 | Emirates Economy Class


Airbus 380-800

Tripreport, Emirates A380 to Bangkok via Dubai! Welcome all to this new tripreport! This video includes footage of my flight from Dusseldorf via Dubai to Bangkok! I went to Thailand with my family for holiday! I did some spotting at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Koh Samui Airport, so there will come lots of spotting video’s 🙂 I have flown also worlds best regional airline by skytrax Bangkok Airways!

It was a really good flight with Emirates! Friendly crew, good seat pitch, good food and a nice atmosphere onboard! I really enjoyed both flights 🙂 I hope you enjoy watching! More information below:

Flight: EK58
Seat: 77K
Date: July 22th, 2018
Camera: Sony FDR-AX33
Route: DUS-DXB
Plane: 380-800, A6-EOP

Flight: EK372
Seat: 77K
Date: July 23th, 2018
Camera: Sony FDR-AX33
Route: DXB-BKK
Plane: 380-800, A6-EUN

I hope you enjoy this video!
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dxb bkk

dxb bkk



  1. fab video, I had same seats on my dxb-mel leg and same going back when we travelled from Scotland to Cairns in 2014 👌🏼 the wingspan on this beauty never fails to amaze me and can't wait to fly to Cairns again in July

  2. Finally, an awesome and comprehensive trip report video mate. I don't really like DXB airport as it is so big. And i find that the restrooms were always wet. Despite its modern and huge windows, it is not very spotter friendly airport as they put stickers on their windows.😂
    I do really enjoyed this video and Thank you for posting this. Will wait another great upcoming series from your trip to Thailand. 👍👍👍


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