"AirAisia buys 23 billion aircraft from Airbus"


TK Kurikawa / Shutterstock.com

As it seems, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has won a hefty order. AirAsia seems to want to order aircraft for catalog value of $ 23 billion.

Next week is the biennial aviation show of Farnborough where the deal is likely to be announced worldwide. The newest aircraft types are presented at the Farnborough Airshow, in the English county of Hampshire.

AirAsia is already one of the most important customers for the renewed Airbus A320. The new order would include one hundred aircraft of the A321neo type. Furthermore, this concerns 34 aircraft of the A330neo type.

The "neo" is a further development of the existing A320 and A330 types. The abbreviation "neo" stands for "new engine option". In addition to new engines, the modernization program also includes aerodynamic improvements, large curved winglets (sharklets), weight savings, a new cabin with larger storage compartments for hand luggage and an improved air purification system.

According to Airbus, this combination of improvements delivers 15% lower fuel consumption per aircraft, 8% lower operating costs, reduced noise and a reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by at least 10% compared to the existing A320 series, and further These improvements result in an increase in the range of approximately 900 km. Finally, a reclassified cabin makes it possible to carry up to 20 extra passengers, which in total results in more than 20% lower fuel consumption per seat.

Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.nl



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