"Bangkok needs to do more to remain attractive to tourists"


Tourists in Bangkok (Tom Black Dragon / Shutterstock.com)

The city of Bangkok may often win prizes when it comes to, for example, the most visited destination, but the city government cannot be satisfied. Tourists are fickle and there is enough competition from other Asian capitals.

That is broadly the scope of a background story in Bangkok Post, in which critics warn that Bangkok can lose its luster, so there are enough challenges. The extreme crowds at the airport, poor air quality, scams for tourists and the daily traffic infarction are examples of this.

Chairman Vichit of the Association of Thai Travel Agents says that Bangkok must work hard to maintain its top position. He warns that only half of the tourists who visit the city actually come back again. To ensure this, the government and tourism industry must come up with new tourist attractions and refurbish existing ones, such as the banks of the Chao Phraya. The city can also recommend its historic buildings as a tourist destination.

Governor Aswin announces that the city is planting 100,000 large trees to create more green in the city and improve air quality. The new metro lines must also ensure less car traffic.

  1. l.measurement says out

    There were plans to construct a large boulevard along the Chao Phraya. After that it remained quiet.

    Another plan this week was to ban the street stalls, the idea was to give pedestrians more space and to modernize the city like other major cities in the world.

    It will probably take away a bit of charm from the city and a number of "street vendors" from it
    robbing their income.
    Say like you would forbid "le quartier Latin" in Paris for artists!

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