Bangkok’s busiest area, Silom And Sathorn (+Convent Road) : Downtown Bangkok [สีลมและสาทร]


Come here and check our expert’s advice on sathorn bangkok, in this video review: Bangkok’s busiest area, Silom And Sathorn (+Convent Road) : Downtown Bangkok [สีลมและสาทร].

I visited the Silom and Sathorn districts for a walking tour in Bangkok. The main roads are very crowded and busy. There are many banks, offices and high-rise buildings. The residential area at the back is very quiet and clean. Especially Convent Road was good for walking. The trees lined up on both sides of the road were very impressive to me.

∠ Shortcut
0:15 – Soi Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 3
1:24 – Korean restaurant ‘Topokki (너랑나랑)’
2:31 – Soi Silom 3
4:07 – Soi Sathon 6
8:40 – Sathon Nuea Rd
10:30 – Convent Road
15:00 – Saint Joseph Convent School

* Walking route
map –

* Recommended restaurant
The Local Canteen (
modern Thai food, tasty, bit expensive by local standards, close to BTS station(Chong Nonsi).

* Recommended accommodation
The Cube Hostel (
cleanest, best location for solo traveler, abundant simplicity, comfortable and stylish, close to BTS(Sala Daeng) and MRT(Si Lom).

☞ About Silom and Sathorn
1. Si Lom district
Si Lom is a sub-district and road in Bang Rak District, Bangkok, Thailand. Constructed in 1851 as part of a dyke and irrigation system, Silom Road has become one of Bangkok’s most cosmopolitan streets and a major financial centre. (*Wikipedia)

2. Sathorn district
Sathon or Sathorn is one of the 50 districts of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by six other districts: Bang Rak, Pathum Wan, Khlong Toei, Yan Nawa, Bang Kho Laem, and Khlong San. (*Wikipedia)


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  2. You​ must be​ carefully if you​ want tour by​ walking aroud BKK. Otherwise u​'ll have got injury or​ accident somehow especially from cars n​ motorbike the​ drivers sometimes they'​re really​ ​crazy. Everywhere in​ ​Thailand.​ out of​ your unexpectation and control so​ takecare if​ ​travel alone aroud​ ​BKK.​enjoy!! Respect from​ TL.😁😁😂


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