Boeing 747 Crash in Bangkok | Miracle in Thailand | Qantas Flight 1


If you are looking for miracle suvarnabhumi airport, then watch this Boeing 747 Crash in Bangkok

Find out why this Boeing 747 crashed after overrunning the runway in an attempt to land during a storm in Bangkok, Thailand.

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miracle suvarnabhumi airport

miracle suvarnabhumi airport



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  2. Actually, QF wanted desperately to protect their safety reputation so at great expense, they DIDN'T allow for Airframe Right-Off! (although so advised by a multitude of experts.) They rebuilt at enormous cost. To save their reputation. A brand new Boeing 747 would have been cheaper (all things considered), but after was said and all was done, QF decided it was better for the long term bottom line to stick with this rebuilt air-frame thus saving the embarrassment of losing one. Yes. No-one died, and their reputation hung on this. However, they're industry reputation suffered.

  3. Since about 8 years ago, I have become fascinated with the size and power and sheer magnitude of commercial airliners. People have no idea of the technology, structural integrity and sheer fucking power the planes and engines possess.

  4. I was on this flight…. they left us sitting on the plane a VERY long time before we slid down the emergency exit to be met with police with extremely large guns. No apology from Qantas… no recognition of any fault from them, nothing at all.

  5. It said the second officer had his wife in the cockpit with them. Maybe she was a real hottie and the other pilots were too busy looking at her and forgot to pay attention to what they were doing. That was the REAL cause of the crash. She was wearing a real short skirt and they were trying to get a better look, hoping she might inadvertently uncross her legs.

  6. Miracle in Thailand. Qantas flight one over runs the runway and ends in a field. the Sydney to Rome service, QF 15's captain cancels his landing and conducts a so around due to poor visibility.

  7. Biggest mistake: Captain aborting the go-around without consulting crew in command, AND neglecting to pull back the #1 throttle which triggered a cascade of consequences. The captain panicked and dithered without communicating.


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