Cost of living in Thailand for 2020 / How much money for a good life


If you are looking for living in bangkok 2021, then watch this Cost of living in Thailand for 2020 / How much money for a good life. Our comprehensive guide will be very helpful for you.

$ 1200 a Month per person – Most westerners in Thailand say the $ 1200 figure is enough money for a comfortable lifestyle with several monthly ‘luxury’ items thrown in. Most agree they would be happy to live on that kind of money. How much are the cost of living in Thailand? I am explaining in the video what you have to expect.

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living in bangkok 2021

living in bangkok 2021



  1. I have noticed south east asian supermarkets are more expensive than Australian or European.
    Even exotic fruits like mangos, bananas, avocados etc are on par or even more expensive. Imported fruits like apples, kiwi are ripoff.
    Even bread.. chocolates, deli type meats, cheese, beef, lamb…

  2. hallo mario. ich kenne dich noch, wir waren vor vielen vielen jahren zusammen tauchen in lanta. informative vides – vielen dank! mich würde ja mal ein video zum thema kontoeröffnung in deutscher sprache interessieren. hast du hierzu erfahrungen? vg nuna

  3. Thanks for the informative VDO!
    Some remarks from my recent experience (a week ago) about prices in Thailand. I noticed that some foods in the supermarket are actually much and much more expensive then in Europe, e.g. an Avocado (which to my understanding are grown in the Chiang Mai area) is 3 times more expensive (1 euro in Europe and 100 baht (nearly 3 Euro) in Thailand, as well as chocolate (e.g. Lindt) is nearly 3 time more expensive (1,50 Euro in Europe and 139 Baht (nearly 4 Euro) in Thailand. Also luxury goods like TV's and washing machines are significantly more expensive in Thailand than in Europe, e.g. a Samsung TV QE65Q900R costs 3444,- Euro in Europe and 199.990 Baht (nearly 5600,- Euro)…..


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