Daughter flies to the Netherlands with both a Thai and Dutch passport


Dear readers,

A frequently asked question with sometimes different answers. Yet I am in a different situation with an extra question!

My daughter (9 months old) is flying to the Netherlands at the end of next week. She has both a Thai and Dutch passport. On Thailand blog I read repeatedly that the Thai passport must be shown on departure and arrival from and in Thailand and the Dutch passport must be shown on arrival and departure from the Netherlands.

Reader questions on this forum are not recent and therefore I wonder if someone with 2 passports has recently experienced the above situation.

I also wonder if the flight should be booked and checked in, or the Thai or Dutch passport? My answer to this would be the Dutch document as she would have to apply for a Schengen visa with her Thai document. So cumbersome … please, clarify me!

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  1. Johan says out

    I have two passports for my child. He is two years old. A NL and a Thai passport. Because there were two proceedings in progress. .What it turned out the first names differed on the passports. Mistake on my part. So if we go to Europe again, I use his Thai passport or NL on departure from Thailand, which is how the complete name on the airline tickets are.
    And upon arrival in Europe, NL passports are a comprehensive story. So, no visa is required in your case. Robin hope you understand my story

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  2. Martin says out

    Use your Dutch passport in NL and your Thai passport in Thailand. You can book airline tickets on NL passport. That is the visa to be allowed in the Netherlands. Handy to have an ID card in addition to a passport. If they ask for it, you can show it in combination with a passport. If they do not ask for anything, it is in / from Thailand = Thai passport & in / from the Netherlands = Dutch passport.

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  3. CP says out

    Dear Robin,

    What I know with my Thai daughter that it is going very easy so far, she is 8, registered at the embassy in Bangkok and we only go outside Thailand with her Thai passport and enter Europe with her Shengen passport, we NEVER show her two passports, by no means and certainly not when entering Thailand because that could cause problems. , have a very good friend who has put it on, he has spent hours on immigration and got off with a fine, we leave in Brussels with her Shengen passport and enter Thailand with only her Thai passport and we already do so 2 x annually for 7 years, we apply for the tickets on her Thais or her Schengen passport and she has the same name in the 2 passports, which I also have is a document if I travel to Europe alone with my daughter once a year , it is a document that allows my wife to leave the country with my daughter, this document was given by the Thai authorities, translated into English and legalized by the Embassy, ​​but they have never asked for that document in all those years and since 4 years I am no longer running for that document, a Thai mother should not have that document even if she is traveling alone with our child, but we have never had a problem.

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