How to Spend 3 days in Koh Phi Phi Thailand + Itinerary


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I spent Xmas in Koh Phi Phi Thailand which was pretty sick.

On my 3 days there I partied at a pool party, boat party on the beach, hiked, ate good food, met amazing people and most importantly had fun!

Find out how to spend 3 days in Phi Phi which I think is enough

Day 1
Food @ Garlic 1992 Restaurant (Went there all the time lol)
Pool Party – Ibiza House Hostel

Day 2
Captain Bobs Booze Cruize
Beach Party

Day 3 – Christmas Day
Beach Day
Phi Phi (View Points 1,2 & 3)
Rantee Bay
Pool Party (Ibiza House Hostel) – Free Entry Highly Recommended*
Xmas Day Beach Party

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koh samui itinerary

koh samui itinerary



  1. This Phi Phi na full option chilling calm too. I like the music too. Need to get a nicely shaped plate/spoon to be giving my white rice vibes when served. These animals, they aren't wild?


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