Question to doctor Maarten: Bump in the skull


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Dear Maarten,

For a couple of weeks I have filled the blood with blood on the left side of my skull. It is not painful. It is not large around 5 to 6 millimeters around. When I arrive, it bleeds fairly quickly, then it is white.

I got Hiruscar for it, but it doesn't help. I am 74 years old and only have 20 mg for cholesterol.

I live in Huay Yai, about 12 km from Pattaya.




Dear Cock,

You probably have a sort of varicose vein on your head, or a small bump. What you can try is to empty the bump and then close it for at least five minutes, without being allowed to relax for a moment. Then it is possible that the hole will close. Sometimes you have to exert 15 minutes of compression.

Press with a folded sterile mesh. If that should then stick to the wound, leave it for half an hour and soak it off with lukewarm water.

Then a pressure patch on it. That is an ordinary plaster with a small folded gauze underneath. Spread some betadine ointment on it.

Hiruscar is for acne. Maybe you can buy fibrin powder here, but I'm not sure





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