Reader Question: Where can I best celebrate New Year's Eve in Thailand?


Dear readers,

Soon I will be going to Thailand for six weeks, traveling around in my uppie. I would like to celebrate New Year's Eve with other tourists / backpackers. Where is that best? Is there a celebration on the Islands with fireworks and such, or do I still have to go to Bangkok?

I can now tune my program to it so I would love to hear it.



  1. Cees says out

    Hi Elize, welcome to thailand, i'm there every year with new years eve, is this your first time in thailand?
    There is little fireworks on the islands, but most fireworks in Bangkok,
    I'm always in jomtien with friends,
    Close to pattaya, fireworks are also lit there but on pattaya a bit more,
    What you see a lot with old and new are the lucky balloons that go up in the air, that is something they do more about it than fireworks, Gr, Cees, success in thailand ,, always welcome in jomtien ,,

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  2. jan scheys says out

    in Thailand, New Year is celebrated, but especially in the well-known tourist attractions.
    the ordinary Thai especially celebrate THEIR New Year, which marks the start of the rainy season and the fertility of the rain makes everything grow and flourish again. Songhkran starts in the month of April if I am not mistaken.
    in some places it can take from 3/4 days to more than a week …
    if you are present during that period make sure you have enough rain gear because everything and everyone, even the police, is thrown completely wet … nobody can escape it!

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  3. Peter says out

    Actually better in the Netherlands when it is you to do fireworks. As a rule, the Thai does not have much to do with our New Year. And would you like to celebrate with tourists then I would think there is no better place than where there are many tourists. Beach music a drink and fun. Pick out one of the many islands. Koh Samui for example.

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  4. eduard says out

    a dream to celebrate New Year's Eve has been experienced at the hilton hotel on the river in bangkok …… .6 years ago and still thinking about it.

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  5. and also says out

    When making plans make sure that all transportation FROM BKK the days before and TO BKK the days after is totally booked out. the trains are known for simply not selling beds at that smelly farang – reserved for Thai. The Thai have extra long "holiday" days off to 3/1 from the 30/12.
    As above: if you mainly want a lot of noise and drowning, then head to the well-known tourist spots. In Thai regions it is hardly noticeable that it will be 2561 at 0.00

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  6. bob says out

    There is no New Year in Thailand. Yes, something is being organized here and there for foreigners. The new year for the Thai is Songkran in early March,

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