Reader Question: Where can I experience Loi Krathong during my trip through Thailand?


Dear readers,

In 2.5 weeks I am leaving for Thailand, now I read yesterday that this year Loi Krathong will be celebrated on November 6. I know that it is exuberantly celebrated in Chiang Mai, but unfortunately I leave again on November 3. Where are festivities planned? I would of course like to experience this during my trip!

I do not yet know exactly where I will stay on November 6. The only thing that is certain so far is that I will be between Oct. 29. and 3 or 4 November in Chiang Mai. I have already visited Bangkok before. The intention is to descend from Chiang Mai from November 3 or 4 to the south. Kanchanaburi is perhaps the most likely place of residence on November 6.



  1. TLK-IK says out

    The mention here of all Thai cities and possibilities that you can make that party is impossible work. All the more so because you do not know 100 percent where you are on 06.11. I am sure you can experience the party in Kanchanaburi – completely different and smaller than in Chiang Mai.

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  2. Henk says out

    I have experienced it a number of times in Pattaya. It is a big event there!

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  3. poop says out

    Dear Mariëlle,

    You could go to Sukhothai.
    It seems to be celebrated very nicely there.
    Google but is smooth. And there are also some videos on youtube.


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  4. Fred says out

    Sukhothai is really the best place to see it. Been there twice and can only recommend it, the festival is celebrated everywhere in Thailand but nowhere as extensive as in the old part of Sukhothai (12km from the center) where Thai shows are always held between the ruins. Many eateries and of course countless places where you can buy a beautiful sacrificial boat.

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  5. Gringo says out

    Just advertise my hometown Pattaya: look at this nicest video:.

    You don't want to miss that!

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  6. Christine says out


    Find this a very interesting question. I am also curious about all the reactions. We are on the same date that we are returning to Chiang Mai and do not yet know where we are in between.
    Depart on November 3 towards Chiang Rai and then from there to Bangkok by train.

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  7. rene.chiangmai says out

    I booked on a whim last week. I am leaving for Bangkok on 1 November and after reading this topic, I realize that I can be in Thailand during Loi Krathong.
    I actually wanted to travel to Cambodia after a few days, but I don't have any plans yet.

    So I keep an eye on this discussion.
    Maybe it will be Bangkok -> Sukhothai and then to Cambodia. Or not. Everything is still possible. 😉
    @fred, @kwaipuak. Thanks for the tip.

    (Just googled: Bangkok -> Sukhothai is quite a long distance.)

    @Gringo. Pattaya may also be nice (and closer to Bangkok), but with Loi Krathong I have the idea of ​​a modest party. That seems to be less the case in Pattaya.

    This is a Thailand blog, but maybe someone knows if Loi Krathong is also celebrated in Cambodia?
    Of course I will also search the internet myself. But yes, now that I do post a reaction …

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  8. Henry says out

    The most beautiful Loy Kratong is undoubtedly in Sukothai. But finding a decent hotel there at the moment is hopeless, the better hotels were already full in April.

    I myself go to Sanglkaburi djt year, there would be a nice celebration by the Mon.

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  9. Chris says out

    Try this guesthouse in Sukhotai. Fantastic. Egg owners are Italian and his Thai wife.

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  10. Marielle says out

    Thank you all for the responses!

    Also good to read that it is apparently difficult to find a hostel / guesthouse in Sukhothai, because I haven't booked anything yet and wanted to do this on the spot. I will consider whether it is advisable to book this in advance.

    Pattaya is not on my list for this trip, I am even more to the north.

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  11. Michel Bavelaar says out

    Nice to read that many people are interested in attending or even celebrating a Loy Kratong celebration. I have experienced the event several times and traveled to Thailand twice for it … However, there is also some confusion about what it means.
    The Loy Kratong is simply to float home-made "kratongs" on a river. I have noticed that many people also think that releasing lanterns (khomloi / khomfai) is also part of Loy Kratong. That is not true. So my question is, what exactly do you want to experience?
    This so-called light festival is called "Yi Peng" and is only held at a location just outside of Chiang Mai. It is an event that is often held on the same weekend as Loy Kratong, but can also be a week earlier or later (position of the moon)
    I have experienced this event several times myself and it is many times more impressive than Loy Kratong, and certainly especially because it is only held at one location and only the Thai know about it. There is also a tourist version, but you have to pay money for that, so try not to end up there …
    Take a look at youtube: "Yi peng" Chiang Mai

    I am curious if this is what everyone meant with Loy Kratong. According to many, it is best to go to Sukhothai for Loy Kratong itself. Which is also on my to-do list! 😉



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