Reader's question: Climate in June – Phi Phi Island or Koh Samui?


Dear readers,

In June I go to Thailand with a few friends. We now have doubts about visiting Bangkok or Phi Phi Island or Koh Samui after a few days. We heard from someone that the climate is very different between those two places; in June it is the rainy season.

Is there a big difference between rainfall and storms on the Phi Phi Islands and Koh Samui in early June?

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  1. stevenl says out

    There is a difference in the amount of rain, but in general not in the effect thereof: when it rains on Samui it rains on Phi Phi, and vice versa, only during that period it falls on Phi Phi harder down.

    The biggest difference in terms of weather is in the direction of the wind. The westerly wind that blows there at that time of year can limit the water sport activities on Phi Phi, but has much less consequences for activities around Samui.

    I would make a choice based on the islands themselves and not based on the potential rainfall.

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  2. Kevin says out

    Like in every country in the world, it is always a matter of waiting for what the weather is like unless there is a clairvoyant who would like to help you with payment but that is not yet a guarantee of dry weather which is always a good temperature but what you believe in .

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  3. Mart says out

    "Only it will fall harder in that period"
    Assume you mean more rain, don't you? Please state

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