Reader's question: Criminal record and therefore no license for an internet cafe, what now?


Dear readers,

We, my girlfriend and I, have had an internet cafe here in the Isaan for about 10 years now. New paper permit issued three times, never no problems. We are moving to a larger building across the street and now we have to apply for a permit again. What I found strange.

Only a change of address was actually enough, because in 2015 we had received new papers for 6 years. But no, request again. But now they find out that my girlfriend had a criminal record from something more than 15 years ago. Now, thanks to this new government, she no longer receives a new permit.

My question is what to do? Close the shop or is there a solution somewhere? Otherwise I am forced to retreat to the Netherlands because a piece of necessary income is lost.



  1. wibart says out

    That girlfriend does not have a family with whom you are on good terms who apply for a permit with a temporary ownership construction and after that, who is the owner in name and catches a fee, but who cannot make any further claims. Sounds complicated but is based on the hospitality license situation in the Netherlands wherever possible. Otherwise perhaps something with a shared holding with various Thai where you have the 49 percent ownership and the rest divided among the others. The director does not have to have the most shares, but naturally has no criminal record and can then apply for the license. Anyway, there are probably still some constructions to come up with. Obviously a lot of administrative nonsense, but good if it works you don't have to leave 🙂 And I will come by for a beer and so on at the expense of your business lol. Best regards.

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  2. john sweet says out

    let a family member apply for the permit based on 10/90%.
    if it doesn't have a criminal record, it's settled anyway
    it may also be that the official in question had expected some bribes and therefore works against it.

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  3. jean paul says out


    May I have your e-mail address, I still have some personal questions about the internet caffé.
    thank you
    my email

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