Reader's question: Insurance and with a Thai passport to Thailand


Dear readers,

My girlfriend has a Thai and a Dutch passport. We live 6 months here and 6 months there. When we go to Thailand, she travels with a Dutch passport and Thailand with a Thai passport. We have been doing this for a number of years.

Now the story goes that when you travel to Thailand with a Thai passport and something happens to you, for example a hospitalization, the Dutch health insurance or travel insurance does not compensate! Because you are a Thai resident in Thailand and not as a tourist. My question: Is this nonsense or is there some truth in it?

Thank you in advance for your response.



  1. Khun Peter says out

    The insurer only checks whether you are a Dutch resident. Your Thai partner must therefore be registered in the Netherlands. It does not matter with which passport she travels to Thailand.
    It is best to have this confirmed by your insurer. Send them an e-mail.

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  2. l.measurement says out

    If they are at a Ned. if you are registered for health insurance, then it should not cause any problems which passport someone uses.

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  3. Ronald V says out

    My wife does not have a Dutch passport, only a residence permit, and therefore always travels with her Thai passport from the Netherlands and Thailand.
    Despite that, she is simply insured. The insurance policy does not matter which passport you travel with. If this were the case, my wife would not be able to take out insurance.

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  4. Rene Martin says out

    Insurance company has nothing to do with what passport you have and with which passport you travel. In the Netherlands you can also be obliged to take out health insurance with a foreign passport. It is important that you meet the requirements to be eligible for a Dutch basic insurance such as living in the Netherlands and being registered.

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  5. Chiang Moi says out

    In my opinion, as a tourist (with a 3-month tourist visa) you cannot be registered with a Dutch health insurance policy (you are not a Dutch resident but a tourist). You can / must take out a policy for that period, for example with Ooms insurance in Haarlem. You must be insured with a health insurer if you are registered in the municipality where you live and therefore with a residence permit which passport you have does not make any difference you are a Dutch resident and that is different from the Dutchman so with which passport you travel with in Thailand no difference.

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  6. Cees1 says out

    It seems strange to me that you are therefore not insured. But just to be sure, just ask your insurance company. Then you know for sure. Because you will see here you get a lot of different answers. While nobody really knows for sure. And keep in mind that insurance always tries to get away with it when it comes to payment.

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