Reader's question: Is a Thai who works insured for medical expenses?


Dear readers,

I once went to the hospital in Sri Racha with a friend. Her stomach hurt and the doctor prescribed some medication for her. The bill was 2500 baht. Is this normal for a Thai who works and is probably also insured?

Of course I was allowed to pay the bill myself because the Farang is a millionaire anyway. I thought she would say my insurance paid this back and I only had to pay the difference but none of it.

Later I heard from someone that the Thai has a red card with which he can go to the doctor, because at that price that is still priceless for a Thai. Another rich experience, but a lot poorer.


Guido (BE)

  1. Mark says out

    Depends on a number of things.
    Which hospital did that friend go to? Private as for example. Bangkok Hospital or one of the many clinics? Pay full pot in various categories.
    Or a public Hospital? And in the latter case she had a so-called 30 bath insurance. The costs are then relatively limited to nil. At least for the patient.

    VA: F (1.9.22_1171)



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