Reader's question: Relationship problems because Poe came to my girlfriend


Dear readers,

I would like to find some more information about Poe (grandfather) that is being talked about so much in Thailand.

Many Thai people talk about it and firmly believe in it, my Thai friend told me that Poe came to her. She has changed a lot lately and I am about to break up with her because this whole event has a considerable negative impact on our (previously a very nice) relationship.

I hope you have useful and serious information for me and can convince me that it is a temporary thing (at least my girlfriend says so).

With kind regards,


  1. piet says out

    There may well be something else going on, sometimes Poe is used as an excuse.
    Let her go to a temple for a few days, maybe that will help and otherwise just ask what's wrong.

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  2. Henry says out

    I am a proud Phu (poe) of 4 grandchildren. So I am not weaving what you are talking about

    Phu, is the paternal grandfather, the maternal grandfather is called Tha.

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  3. Chander says out

    Hello Piet,

    Maybe I can help you, but would first like to know from which region she comes from Thailand. Isaan or Northern Thailand or another region?

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  4. Piet says out

    This is really about poe that the population believes in and not about a family member like grandpa or grandma.

    My girlfriend is from the isaan area, I hope you can tell me more chander


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  5. Chander says out

    Dear Pete,

    Thai people from the Isaan strongly believe in evil spirits. They are very afraid of them, because the current generation do not know a solution.

    In the past (and still) there was a solution by consulting a shaman. This shaman can communicate with a spirit (in your case the Poe). And can actually expel him from the body.
    Most shamans come from Laos. Unfortunately, there are almost no shamans in Thailand anymore, because they were deported a few years ago.

    In Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai and surroundings you could find a shaman in the mountains, but then you have to look for yourself.
    It is better to travel with her to Laos for a few days and to find a solution to this problem.

    Unfortunately, most Dutch people are too sober for such matters and ignore this problem as a fool.
    Believe me. Experience is the best teacher!

    I wish you the best of luck in finding the right shaman.



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  6. pietchiangrai says out

    It is most likely that she is faced with an ancient belief that a spirit / deceased has taken possession of her world of experience. In that case you are just as sweet with it, because this belief takes rock solid forms. Go to a temple and ask a monk for advice. All kinds of incantation rituals will be initiated from the temple. Girlfriend will not be happy with this, because shame and loose-face. Also ask for the help of a trusting family member or friend, who knows about things and takes things seriously. Be careful not to resort to ghost charms, food types, and smarties. Is going to use a lot of money, energy and annoyance. A reference to a psychiatrist will come to mind, but will not do anything for you. Denial also makes no sense, because for girlfriend the only felt reality. Often after a few months the thought of being harassed by a ghost (appearance) ebbs away, but beware: just as often these thoughts are accompanied by psychotic manifestations. In that case I would insist on insisting that, despite resistance, psychiatric help be called in and that the "traditional" healing method is put aside. Good luck!

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