Reader's question: Where can you change at Bangkok Airport?


Dear readers,

Which exchange office in the arrivals hall at Bangkok airport is best for changing euros at a good rate.

Thank you in advance.


  1. Cornelis says out

    Not in the arrivals hall, but you have to be at the bottom, on the floor where the rail link with Bangkok departs. There you now have 3 exchange offices – personal experience from six weeks ago – that give considerably higher exchange rates than are used elsewhere at the port. The three exchange offices located close to each other use the same favorable rate. I go to Value Plus myself, but Superrich is also there. I don't know the name of the third.

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  2. Michel says out

    Dear Adri,
    Superrich nowadays has an office at the airport (ground floor). In our experience you get the best exchange rate here.

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  3. Ad Koens says out

    Ah, Adri, you don't change the best at the airport. You pay the main prize there (everywhere). (Athans that is my experience). I only change what I need for a while and I change the rest at destination. Also look around there. The difference can be attractive! Happy Holidays. Ad.

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  4. Theo says out

    It is not wise anyway to exchange money at airport because there is an unfavorable exchange rate here. I would strongly recommend that you only exchange a small amount here to pay your first costs eg taxi and the rest just at destination at a destination ATM exchange, this yields considerably more baths on h

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  5. John Chiang rai says out

    I assume you mean the international Airport Suvarnabhumi, look at the following link under Airport.

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  6. Marianne says out


    You look at different exchange offices, usually the rate is indicated and takes the best and you only have to exchange money for the first things, because in Bangkok you have a much better rate

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  7. Frank says out

    Changing at the airport is not such a good idea.

    Just change € 50. Then you have 2000 Bht in your pocket and you can easily pay your airport city line and MRT to your hotel and have something to eat in the evening.
    Depending on your time of arrival, you will then switch to an approved bank.
    Outside office hours you can also exchange at a favorable rate in the Terminal 21 on Sukhumvit Rd.

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  8. Jan says out

    Never change money at the airport, or at least the minimum. Easily 3 – 4 THB per Euro less. You used to get a good course at Kasikorn on the ground floor (train), but that is now done.

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  9. William says out

    It has been mentioned before in these sections: On Suvarnaphumi you go to the basement where the exit is to the Airport Link, the train to BKK center. Just before the ticket counters for the train are on the far left of the very wide entrance a few exchange offices, including Krongsri Bank (?) And a SuperRich exchange office. At the Bank there is no person, at SuperRich you sometimes have to wait a bit because there the rate is up to 3 Baht higher per Euro than at the neighbor mentioned. Get started!
    A course better than at a currency exchange office on the Phaya Thai Road near Siam but that can change per day or even hour.

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  10. Pascal says out


    Sell ​​& Buy foreign currencies

    Suvarnabhumi Airport (Airport Link)
    P: +66 (0) 2 254-4444
    F: +66 (0) 2 255-4455
    Operating Hours
    Open Daily
    6:30 AM – 10:00 PM

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  11. gonny says out

    At the airport at Superrich, you get the best rate.
    Love 100 and 500 euro bills.
    This topic has already been discussed more with Thailand Blog.

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  12. eduard says out

    Change as little as possible there, just as much as you need … his bad exchange rates and exchange in the center at a foreign exchange office saves a lot.

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  13. Peter Van Lint says out

    Dear Adri
    You won't find a good course anywhere at the airport.
    If you need money you have to exchange the minimum there.
    There are enough exchange offices in the seaside resorts or tourist areas to exchange at a much better rate.
    Also do not exchange in the hotels. They also give a very bad rate.
    Good holiday.

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  14. Peter says out

    Very simple as not exchanging money at any airport, saving money in the city.

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  15. ron says out

    Certainly not at the various banks there. For absolutely the best rate, go to "Super rich. Had a tip from my girlfriend who works at the Kasikorn bank herself.
    You can find it on the ground floor where the train would be. Google gave me this: The Superrich booth is located to the very left of the floor facing towards the Airport Train ticket office. Also go to Thailand and will have to look for it.

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  16. Rob says out

    You don't get a good course at an airport.
    Better go to Bangkok and change at a currency exchange office. There
    there are many. Soon to earn 1000 bath at 1000 euros.

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  17. ron says out

    At super rich. Best rate in BKK.

    The Superrich booth is located to the very left of the floor facing towards the Airport Train ticket office.

    Found through Google

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  18. pieter says out

    Hello In at the airport itself all exchange offices are the same there is not 1 which is a slightly different course
    and they are approx. 10% more expensive than anywhere else.
    so take advantage of this.

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  19. Emiel says out

    In the airport you always get a bad rate; Switch a little to get to your destination and then switch what you need there.

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  20. ann says out

    With Superrich
    The road towards it:

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  21. danny says out

    Do not redeem at the airport !! The rate there is much lower than, for example, in Bangkok. Go to a normal exchange office.
    Or pin but then you are also pinched because of the costs.

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  22. raf says out

    My answer is "nowhere", but I think my answer was too short for the moderator and therefore not posted, but the answer is correct. People asked at least 0.75 baht too much everywhere at the airport. More expensive than at any bank. Outside the airport, at any exchange office, you get better rates.

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  23. French says out

    dear adri, changing at the airport is a bad move. can sometimes care 2 bath per euro compared to a bank in the city. a large part of the exchange offices are in the hands of the scb bank and kasikornbank. they differ little or almost nothing from each other. if you want to change a little bit. outside the airport you will soon notice that you get more baths for your euro. lots of fun.

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  24. Teun van der Lee says out

    If you go all the way down, to the trains or subways, see at the bottom of the hole a piece or 3 exchange offices that all offer the same good course.

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  25. Rob says out

    Very simple answer, that can't be cheap – as far as I know – at the airport. For that you have to go to the exchange offices in the cities.

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  26. Eddy says out

    Hi ,
    at no exchange office at the airport, all are drop-offs.

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  27. willem says out


    If you want to receive a good exchange rate for your euro then you don't have to change at the airport. They are giving a much too low rate there. I also noticed that almost all exchange offices at the airport followed the same bad course. ( Mutual agreements?)

    In Bangkok itself you get the best rate at the exchange office of "Superrich Thailand". Currently 39.80 baht for a euro. There are also other exchange offices such as 1 with almost the same name Superrich 1965 recognizable by an orange red color.

    Superrich Thailand is just behind the Big C at Central World. Superrich is called a green / blue logo.

    TT is the best exchange office in Pattaya. You see it everywhere with large yellow signs and a black TT on it.

    Good luck

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  28. jm says out

    At superrich in the ground floor where the trains depart.
    You have a green and an orangje superrich next to each other so choose which ones give the most that day. Don't exchange euros in the arrival hall, give a lower price.
    And if you have Phone apps, download superrich from playstore. you can see the exchange rates directly
    And with the app Thai Bath exchange, you can see the rates of every bank in Thailand, starting with the highest rate that day and that hour.
    Superrich is not a bank, not to mention, but these always give the highest rates.
    Mvg, JM Belgium

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  29. bob says out

    Are all way too expensive. In Pattaya and Jomtien they give much more for the Euro. Small exchange offices.

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  30. Christina says out

    All banks have the same rate at the airport. Only change what you need for the further trip, then switch to where you are going. Just checking which bank gives the most can vary a lot per bank.

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  31. henk says out

    downstairs at the skytrain counter on the left in the corner, several banks open late at 10 am,

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  32. Johan says out

    Good afternoon,

    I change my money at Superrich at the airport (take a look at the link below)
    The best course to get there.

    good luck

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  33. eugeen says out

    Nowhere else in the world can you change at a good rate in an airport. So not in Bangkok either. So do not exchange money, and if it is not possible, just a tiny bit at the airport. You get the best rates in the exchange offices that you find everywhere. The rate there is higher than in the banks. Also, do not switch in the first exchange office that you encounter, but compare the rate at some offices. Then you soon know where you can change the advantage.

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  34. ron says out

    It is best not to change at bangkok airport!

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  35. paulusxxx says out


    You can change better in Bangkok or for example Pattaya.
    Saves you around 1 to 2 baht per euro!

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  36. Leon says out


    Super Rich has the best exchange rate

    El Leon

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  37. Peter says out

    Exchange an amount at the airport that you urgently need. You get a better rate at local banks and exchange offices.

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  38. Wim says out

    On the first floor next to the entrance to the airport link is Superriche, they give a good course.

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  39. Toon Lauwaert says out

    very simple: nowhere! All too expensive!

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  40. DVW says out

    Do not change at the airport, the worst rates are available there.
    You get better rates in every bank in Thailand than at the airport!
    Normally get the best rates, with large coupons, at Rich Bank ..

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