Retirement visas? That's how it is in Pattaya!


Retired and living in Thailand for many years, I use the opportunity to have a retirement visa. I meet all the conditions and I have no problem getting an extension every year.

Of course I know the difficulties that newcomers sometimes have to have all the necessary papers in order and I am regularly asked for advice. I then tell the official roads that people have to walk, but – this is Thailand = it can also be different.


It was the same with Jérôme. He is a pharmacist with his own business in Paris. I have known him for quite a number of years, initially he came twice a year, but he is more and more often in Pattaya. His pharmacy is going well, but he no longer enjoys listening to the complaints of patients and then flees to Thailand. He leaves the matter to his staff. A few weeks ago he asked me how to get a retirement visa. He may be highly qualified as a pharmacist, but he didn't understand much of the paperwork. I told him and he went to work.

Income statement

Jérôme is an independent entrepreneur and therefore does not have an income statement from his employer. He also does not have 800,000 Baht on a Thai bank account, so what to do? He told me that he could prove his annual income with his tax assessments. Is to try, I said, then go to the Consul of Austria, where I also arrange the income statement. He then found out for himself that a French consul of the embassy held a meeting 1 day a month at that office. He arranged the required income statement with that consul.

Bank account

Now a bank account with a Thai bank, because that is also required. It has been said many times on this blog that opening an account in Thailand is not easy for a foreigner. I advised him to try and tell the story that he is retired, planning to live in Thailand, transferring his pension and then buying a condo. He has been to two or three banks, who did not want to open an account for him. What now? We came to the conclusion that he should go to Immigration in Jomtien to find out exactly what people wanted and how he could arrange that.

Immigration Pattaya

No sooner said than done. He met a most friendly police officer there and told him about his problem. The man looked at the income statement and said it was not according to the rules. He had to go to Bangkok to have it stamped at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There was no mention of a bank account, because the official had a proposal for Jérôme: pay me 20,000 Baht and I will prepare that retirement visa for you. Jérôme, sick of all the official stuff, accepted the proposal and paid. The same day he received his passport back with the desired retirement visa.

And last but not least

So it is also possible in Pattaya, but I will not recommend anyone to get that annual visa for 50+ in this way. In my opinion, the forgery remains in writing and who knows what will await him in a year's time when applying for an extension at Immigration.

  1. Tino Kuis says out

    Starting today, we will no longer grumble about the corruption of the Thais, okay?

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  2. stevenl says out

    As his own employer, he can simply issue an income statement.

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  3. NicoB says out

    It's those beautiful stories. A Thai bank account with 800,000 Bath is only necessary if the income on the income statement is insufficient, apparently that was the case. Renewing next year, the bill for 20,000 Bath may increase.
    Striking, a pharmacist who is independent and cannot show sufficient income.
    Even a German had to help through it, he succeeded.
    It remains surprising, not just Immigration, but also the potential retirement client, TIT and TIF.

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  4. Corretje says out

    That is exactly what they want to get rid of here, I was told by an colonel. He knew that it has been around for years and that it is difficult to stop was also known to him.
    Here in Nonthaburi you first run into a 3-star captain who returns more than half at the door. And that with a loud voice. That is new !!! People are going to ask where the 8 ton comes from.
    It is clearly stated on the forms that the deception of an imm.gration officer will be severely punished.
    Who would like to be pecked by a foreigner who doesn't even have 800,000 Bht in the bank? As a result, for example, in a hospital operation gets into trouble and cannot pay anything
    No country is waiting for that.


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  5. Robert says out

    Well … easy. I have no problems with corruption as long as it comes to bypassing the official mill.
    There is of course a limit …

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  6. Wim heijstek says out

    I that that is the fastest and best solution I would also call it not corruption work so everywhere in Asia
    and also in Europe alone, the amounts there are different, but no more whining about corruption

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  7. Willem says out

    I like to do everything legally, but what happened to me recently. With my new non-immigrant O visa after 3 months to the border of Cambodia. Showed my passport to a friendly lady from the immigration she started to browse my passport gave the comment sir you are very long in Thailand you have the wrong visa you have to apply for a retirement visa.
    Then she claimed that I had to leave Thailand by plane with this non-immigrant visa and then get 90 days
    I asked her if she was sure of her case and if she could show these so-called new rules, after which she went into an office and did not return any papers but remained at her position.
    There you are, luckily I still had 3 days and then I went home for a total of 8 hours.
    Later checked the claims of this lady at the immigration office in Chonburi a nonsense story.
    Now I have also paid much less for an immigrant O visa via the described route.
    I don't really understand why I can't use my bank balance in the Netherlands for a retirement visa.

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  8. Marc says out

    What a worthless guy, Jerome. Indulging in corruption for a few hundred THB, although reprehensible, would still be fair to bypass a ticket or something similar, but participate on this scale. Bah. We will never get rid of that, because that official will certainly do it again. If Jerommeke were a guy and once reported and / or involved social media, we might get rid of this kind of "civil servant."

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  9. NicoB says out

    An immigrant O visa does not exist, you will mean non immigrant O.
    That you do not understand why you cannot use your bank balance in NL is because you do not read the rules.
    The rule is that you must have a minimum of 800,000 for at least 3 months in a THAI bank account, which has been passed through Thailandblog so many times and is also stated in the terms and conditions.
    Make sure you comply with this rule and it will be fine without any hassle.

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  10. sjors says out

    We have decided to leave Thailand (after three years) back in the Netherlands, we will pick up the thread and find out what to do.

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  11. erik says out

    I'm 15 years old here. Have a retirement extension based on 8 tons of thb in the bank. Never had a problem and never had to lubricate a satang. I follow the rules.

    But if you don't do that, you will get blisters in the back. And then people come here to complain that Thailand is wrong. But that is your own fault. The complainants are the well-known exception to the rule; 20 to 25,000 people live in Thailand and the number of complainants is a fraction of that. That says enough; yet?

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